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The Humble Christmas Wrapping Paper

The Humble Christmas Wrapping Paper

I guess you already know that we look forward to giving Christmas gifts all year! And that’s probably why we own a toy store!

As we get to the pointy end, where we are embarking on wrapping our Christmas Gifts, have you ever stopped and paused to think why are we taking up time wrapping these gifts?

(After all, it is somewhat wasteful.) So, I conducted some research and discovered that the earliest known instances of wrapped presents date back to the 1300s. And as it turns out, paper wasn't even used in the earliest forms of gift-wrapping.

The first recorded form of gift wrap is actually fabric: originating from those who practised traditional Korean folk religions. Another early gift wrapping tradition is the Japanese style of furoshiki (wrapping gifts in cloth fabric), which has been around since the Tokugawa period in the 1600s.

Even the wise men wrapped the gifts they brought to baby Jesus, although they enclosed their gold, frankincense, and myrrh in small treasure chests rather than in red plaid paper.

This is also likely why we associate gift wrapping with Christmas, even though it's done for most gift-giving holidays.

Fast forward to 1917 when the invention of the true paper gift wrap can be credited to Hallmark, they started printing large rolls of the patterned wrapping paper we know and love today. 

Apart from the large manufacturers of standardised Christmas paper, here at Grandpas Toys we have a selection of authentic Te Reo Christmas Wrapping Paper from  Māu Designz .

Roll wrap Christmas PaperMoari Christmas wrapping Paper

We and our customers just love the truly Kiwi Christmas message these wrapping papers feature and all in our beautiful Maori Language.

The Roll Wrap is a favourite also amongst our shoppers. Quality double-sided roll wrap is reversible and features complementing patterns on each side of the paper. It looks amazing on any type shape of gift.

Roll measures 2 metres x 750mm.

As we wind up for the Christmas and New Year’s Break. Myself and my family would like to wish all our customers a very very Happy and Safe Christmas and New Year. We have loved bringing you all these wonderful toys and games through out the year and especially at Christmas.

We will be taking a break over Christmas and New Year - as you can imagine it has been super busy both in store and online. And we look forward to 2023 where we will be hitting the ground running with more NEW stock that is coming in now for the Summer Holidays.

Miri Kirihimete xx

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