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Do babies need baby toys?

Yes! Baby toys give your baby different physical, sensory, and cognitive experiences.

And those experiences build connections in their wee brains. helps them learn to understand words, and soon, to talk. helps them learn what their bodies can do as they experiment with movement.

Along with kids' toys, Grandpa’s Toys also has a fantastic collection of baby toys from some of the world’s most popular and trusted brands.

Toys for 0 to 1 month

Here are some of Grandpa's Toys top choices for newborns to 1-month-olds:

Give them a toy that they can shake in their hands and make noise with, such as a huge ring or rattle.

Hape Rattle & Teether Collection

Shop Toys, Shop Baby Toys at Grandpas Toys Geraldine. Your local Toy World.

Made from a safe, rice-based material, this collection of sensory toys helps babies take their first exploratory steps. Designed to be held by little fingers. 

Babies learn about different textures and develop used to their environment with the aid of soft stuffed animals.

Rubbabu Sensory Micro Aniwheelie Elephant


Toys Store Grandpa's Toys with baby toys - you toy world, farmyard toys

Brightly colored, squishy, and velvety-soft, these little animals are great to touch, hold and play with. These appealing characters that encourage imaginative play. Even the older siblings will love playing with these characters.

Toys for 2 to 3 month old babies

Your youngster is beginning to engage in more interactions with their environment. These toys can encourage them to become more interactive:

Interactive toys are likely to grab your child's attention. 

B.Toys Pop Up Buddies

Christchurch Toy Shop - Grandpas Toys with Baby Toys

From a star to a sun, find a ton of pop-up fun with the Pop-Up Buddies from B. toys! This educational toy features 5 interactive activities. To play, little ones need to turn, push, toggle, slide, or flip the buttons on the bottom to activate the pop-up buddies at the top.

Even some baby toys include musical components, creating multiple experiences.

B.Toys Whirly Wheel Musical Ferris Wheel

Baby toys, toy world at Grandpa's Toys - Toy shops in Christchurch

Meanwhile, as the wheel spins, your child will be dizzy with laughter by the colourful roller ball in the centre. A suction cup attachment ensures that it will stay in place as it spins on any smooth surface such as high-chairs, stroller trays, and tables.

Toys for 6 months to 1 year 

As a reward for their mastery of interaction, give your baby one of the following toys, some good distraction while cooking tea! While you eat or cook, they are occupied with high-chair toys.

Learning aids like lift-the-flap board books, baby safe mirrors, toys for stacking, such cups or blocks also provide a truly powerful discovery tool with multi-sensory activity that your baby will love.

Baby Einstein Explore & Discover Soft Blocks

Baby toys at Grandpa's Toys Geraldine. Your local toy store

Discover the baby-safe mirror tucked under the peek-a-boo sun. Embark on a sensory safari with the wildlife rattle block and see animal names in English, Spanish and French. Tug on the friendly frog’s leg and watch it spring back!

A cranky baby is distracted by large bath toys.

Hape Ocean Floor Squirters

Grandpa's Toys Geraldine Toy shop

This cute octopus and starfish have a cheeky secret! If you fill them up with water and squeeze them, they will shoot out water. Brings splashy fun to bath time!

Your favourite toy store - Grandpas Toys,

Has an awesome range of Kids toys that have entertained families during these formative years. 

Baby toys are also an important part of a child's development and as a dedicated toy store, we have a collection of baby toys from well trusted and reputable brands, so that you can be safe in the knowledge that whichever baby toy you choose at Grandpa’s Toys that it meets all safety requirements and safe for your baby.

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