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Santas Tops Presents at Grandpas toys

Hail to Santa Claus - The ultimate global logistics worker!

Here at Grandpas Toys we have to rely on more mundane delivery systems to get toys and games out to all our highly valued customers, and this year those systems are under huge pressure.

So how late can I leave my Christmas Shopping?

Here at Grandpas Toys, our advice is to lock in your orders in the next few days, to avoid the anxious wait for the delivery guy!

Even if you’re planning on traditional Christmas shopping and are planning on coming to see us in store here at Grandpa’s Toys,, do it sooner rather than later. The supply chains that usually keep shops stocked during December could fall behind and nobody wants that, or leave it too late and you may find your most wanted item out of stock.

What are the most popular toys requested at Grandpa's Toys Updated request list?

We must be expecting a vibrant sunny summer and plan on spending a lot of time outdoors! Outdoor toys and games and water toys are extremely popular


Splash Magnetic Self Sealing Balloons - Eco-friendly

Introducing new self-sealing water balloons which splashes quickly on contact.

 You can enjoy the thrill of playing with water balloons, without worrying about the time-consuming filling. 

A water splash ball that can be reused multiple times. They're soft enough to be fun without worrying about getting hurt in a water fight.

Various sizes available from 

From $12.99

Wahoo Pool Hoops

Wahoo underwater rings

Create your own course or race against friends.The Wahu Pool Hoops are designed to sink and stand upright at the bottom of the pool. 

Try swimming through them before they hit the bottom.  You've got to be quick!

Includes 4 Multi Coloured Hoops


Dickie Toys

When tractor meets monster truck

Dickie Toys Moster truck

Always top of our Christmas wish list are Dickie Toys.

This toy tractor with an official Fendt license is the perfect gift for young fans of powerful vehicles. Thanks to the large and wide tires that provide plenty of grip, the Monster Tractor can be used indoors or outdoors on a wide range of surfaces.

In addition to its chic design, the vehicle has lots of other fun and entertaining features, such as a friction motor and four-wheel drive. At just 9 cm long, it is also easy to store.


Post-pandemic, there's also been a noticeable trend towards toys which encourage quality time with friends and family, such as board games, puzzles and group activity outdoor games..

Siku makes the wish lists every Christmas. It's a great way to encourage creativity and bring family together and can be passed down and enjoyed by generations. Similarly, we're seeing the return of arts and crafts.

Arts and crafts are perfect for older children and keep busy minds and creative hands engaged. 

          Handmade soap activity set grandpas toys

As always, Grandpa’s Toys have everything you could want from an independently owned and operated toy shop!

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