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Shipping online orders nationwide daily
Shipping online orders nationwide daily

The Cat from Muzzle by Sally Sutton

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Over mountains and across rivers, this delightful true story traces a high-country cat’s epic, five-week journey home to New Zealand’s most remote station.

Dwayne is a rumble-tumble tabby cat who knows where he belongs - up on the farm at Muzzle Station.  So, when he’s taken to live far away in the town of Kaikoura, what’s a cat to do?  Shake the dust off his paws and start walking, of course!  The trouble is, home is a very long way away.

With a bouncy readaloud story by Sally Sutton and witty illustrations by Scott Tulloch, The Cat From Muzzle is a true tale of feline audacity that will delight readers the world over.