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Shipping online orders nationwide daily
Shipping online orders nationwide daily

CollectA Triceraptops

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Triceraptops the three horned face dinosaur.  It's mouth was equipped with a norny beak and the heavy neck shield was of solid bone.  Triceratops probably used it's armour mostly in mating contests, but it would also have afforded some protection against attack from giant meat eating dinosaurs.

CollectA’s prehistoric models are created following expert advice and acknowledging the latest scientific discoveries. In order to advance education through play, we are proud to have a tradition of producing models of obscure species and not only the well-known and popular ones. We strive to produce both scientifically accurate models for educational and creative play and ensure that each stage of their production is overseen by a palaeontological expert.

18.5cm x 8cm

Suitable for

Ages 3+