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Boys playing woith Siku from Grandpas Toys of Geraldine

We Love SIKU at Grandpas Toys

Where would our boys and Dads be without SIKU!

A product that we have stocked at Grandpas Toys since forever!

And it’s no surprise that the SIKU tractor and its implements rate very highly in our rural toy shop -Grandpas Toys Geraldine

We have a great supply of small-sized models that are just awesome for tiny fingers. Christmas has seen many of these toys being given as terrific presents.  These German-designed SIKU toys conform to the highest quality and safety requirements to ensure long-lasting safe play and fun. To guarantee this, SIKU toy models are almost exclusively manufactured from zinc which makes them robust and resilient and can handle toddler play, also the price point for the smaller models are perfect for our pocket money spenders!

Once the child gets older they are more than likely to love the SIKU tractors in a higher- quality 1:32 scale model featuring original details. They also make for great play, but also, they look fantastic on the shelves in the bedroom.

SIKU keeps pushing the boundaries with more EPIC models being produced. The remote control Volvo Truck has got to be the supreme delux of model trucks. A work of art and mechanisms. Top marks on this one SIKU!

Check out the great range of SIKU available now at Grandpas Toys. We l
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