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Getting ready for school early with Grandpa’s Toys

Getting ready for school early with Grandpa’s Toys

How great is this long Summer break? Fortunately, the weather has picked up a lot and the kids have really been enjoying sleeping in (for some of us) and playing outside and in the water.

The time is now to start thinking about getting ready to go back to school and to  avoid any last-minute mad dashes to get the stationary list completed and the dreaded books covered. How lovely would it be to feel relaxed and ready for day one of term one! Not only for you, but being prepared also makes for a settled child on their first day back.

Remember, your child will not only have to re-adjust to school life, but they will also be in a different class than last year, with different teachers and also different class mates.

Although, a positive for many school children is getting back with their school friends - and that’s a big thing to look forward to for your child.

At Grandpas Toys, we have some really cool “Get Back to School” items that children will love to take with them on their first day of school. 

A new way to lunch

Yes, lunch boxes have developed and you can find a unique one for your little kindy person here. Along with lunch boxes, we now have a  fantastic range of reusable wrappers. A great way to keep those lunches fresh and cool! These reusable ice packs fit perfectly in lunch boxes, and also less waste from the use of cling film.


The right backpack does matter to your little one. We have a limited selection of backpacks, however, they have been carefully selected for their sturdiness, comfort, and of course playful colours and themes. Choose from the ever-popular All Black-themed backpack to Lego and Unicorn-themed backpacks. Something for everyone here! 

Colouring in pencils

Nothing says “Back to School” than a fresh packet of Colouring in pencils. Not only do we have colouring in pencils, but we also have pencil cases too. The perfect way to start back to school!

Face masks

The new “must have” accessory for 2022! Pop a face mask in your order - just in case. We have them in youth and adult sizes. 

Order online if you are short on time. No need to jump in the car and take yourself away from the beach, lake, or home. Make your order online and have it delivered to your door - how easy is that! 

Have a marvelous second half of the Summer break  x

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