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Magnets at Grandpas Toys Geraldine

Magnets at Grandpas Toys Geraldine

Magnets are an age-old favourite for children. The joy of discovering how magnets works always create fun and wonder in kids.

At Grandpas toys we have a fantastic range of childrens magnets, from the very young children discovering the world around them and promoting fine motor skills, to the more inquiring mind exploring how a magnetic switch works in an electric circuit.

We stock popular magnet sets from BigJigs where all their toys deliver on quality, safe and affordable products which are responsibly sourced and complement childhood development through fun, exploration and learning. Bigjig’s Magnet sets are alway popular for early childhood education.

Our magnetic Princess set from Melissa and Doug have created a Magnetic dress-ups, which helps kids three and older develop fine motor, counting, and sorting skills, and encourages creative expression and imaginative play.

For the older children we really are enjoying the magnetic sets from 4M KidzLabs Magnet Science. They are more suited to children ages 8 and upwards. Their sets are fun to build and have an educational element to them aswell.

Choose Grandpas Toys for Magnets. Order online and you will receive your package in matter of days. Or if you are local there is always our click and collect system.

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