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Outdoor Fun at Grandpas Toys Geraldine

Grandpa's Toys loves Getting Outdoors this Spring /Summer

Spring has Sprung - so Lets be prepared for AWESOME outdoor play with Grandpa's Toys!

It's possible that your kids are too engrossed in their iPads and video games to notice that the days are getting longer and warmer!

Put away the screens, and use these enjoyable outdoor toys from Grandpas Toys of Geraldine to put an end to boredom! 

We're not denying that some serious bribes and (maybe) threats of hiding charging cubes will be necessary, but by golly, it will be worthwhile. Your children will benefit greatly from the time they spend outside as they learn to appreciate their surroundings that New Zealand has to offer and the natural world including your neighbourhood. It's a wonderful aspect of growing up.

All season long, kids will have fun with these outdoor toys including science experiments like the Tiger Tribe Activity set , or a recently release Magical outdoor game of hunting, hiding and howling, - Wizards and Warewolfs or get your little one growing with the My First Garden set  

The Best Products team at Grandpas Toys investigated (and experimented with) these outdoor toys to identify which ones are most likely to hold your children's interest for at least one round of Minecraft. (Which is a real achievement.)

Kites In the Park or on The Beach


Kites at the Beach or Garden

Take with you to the park or the beach. Suitable for spring! The kite is 20" long, has a 14 foot tail, and comes with a convenient storage bag. It has string and a winder and is vibrantly coloured. No assembly is necessary. Colors may differ.

This kite is made of rip-stop nylon and is 50 cm length with a 35 cm tail.

  • It comes with string, a winder, and a convenient storage bag.
  • Various designs - Colors may change
  • No assembly is necessary.
  • For ages 3 and older

Plan a sporting event in your garden!Garden Sports Day at Grandpa's Toys Geraldine

Garden Sports Day is a comprehensive collection of games and activities that the entire family can enjoy, no matter how big or little your team is.

Includes instructions for 30 games that can be played alone or with a team, including the grand conclusion Garden Olympics: Who will emerge victorious in this obstacle course challenge as the multi-discipline champion?

Get outside, get moving, and enjoy yourself!

acceptable for Ages 5+

Wahoo Mega Slide 7.5 MetreWahu Mega Slide from Grandpa's Toys

With our incredibly entertaining Super Slide, slide into the summer! Kids will enjoy competing against each other on this enormous 7.5-meter backyard water slide, which has two racing lanes. You'll be zooming down the water slide and into the splash bumper in no time thanks to the constant water spray! Thus, everyone will have a blast whether they win or lose.

With a hose connection and being simple and quick to assemble, you can instantly transform your garden into a personal water park! This slip-and-slide backyard play is ideal for backyard celebrations, birthdays, and cooling off from the heat. It promises lots of laughs and hours of enjoyment.

sprinkling apparatus dimensions 750cm (L), 150cm (W)

acceptable for Ages 6+


Twister - Outdoor Games at Grandpas Toys geraldine

An All Time Favourite here at Grandpa’s Toys! Anytime we can, you will find us busting some shapes in the stock room!

Set yourself up for hours of backyard fun this summer with the Twister Twist N Slide. Spin the spinner, just like classic Twister, and see if you can keep your balance while getting splashed.


  • 1 x game mat
  • spinner board with arrow and base
  • instructions
  • Suitable for ages 6+


Make Your Own Outdoor Fun 

It's simple for youngsters to go outside and play with or without a plethora of toys. Kids are imaginative and being outside increases creativity.

Hours of entertainment can be had with a simple sandbox or a bucket and shovel, or you can go all out with a swing set or playset. Even pools that are inflatable and ideal for tiny yards are available.

At Grandpa’s Toy we stock several inexpensive solutions available if you don't want to spend a lot of money:


Skipping Ropes

Butterfly Nets 

Additionally, with a bit of imagination, you and your children could repurpose and turn some of your child's old toys into reimagined new outdoor toys.

Scavenger hunts in nature are AWESOME!

It's great to spend a warm day outside, and it's even better when you're looking for something specific.Before you leave the house, make a list of objects for your children to find, such as rocks, leaves, flowers, or sticks. To see who can check off the most items the fastest, you could even conduct a competition.

Your kids may enjoy the splendour of nature while getting some exercise from running around. Check out the nearby parks, forests, or nature trails to find the perfect site for your scavenger hunt.


Camping in your Backyard!

We used to do this all Summer long as kids! Let your child experience the wonder of camping without ever leaving the safety of your backyard.

Make a tent, gather some toys or supplies for crafts, and let your child have an adventure at home. It's quick and easy to do this to provide your kids a private space they may use as a fort or treehouse.

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