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Grandpas Toys top three online searches for childrens toys.

Grandpas Toys top three online searches for childrens toys.

Top three toy searches from our online shop.

Well the school holidays are just a stones throw away and I'll bet you are thinking of what will entertain the kids over the Term 2 break.

I have been doing a bit of thinking about this myself as mother to 3 boys. However in this blog, the 3 featured products are for a younger crowd,

Featured childrens favourite number one.

I am so glad to say that a locally wrtten and illustrated book - Not a toy but a book! "Georgie is a Farmer" is the top search for the months of May / June. Georgie is a Farmer" is a children's story aimed at 3 - 7 years old. It is a story that follows Georgie as she goes about her day tending to her animals, driving her tractor, and working her farm dogs Mac and Jess.
The story was written by a Mother/Daughter duo whose lives have been spent on the land and who both have a love of farming.

Featured childrens favourite number Number 2. 

The Fidget Spinner

Repeatedly fidget, fidget repeatedly!
Combining the original Fidget trend with the latest craze, the Popit Fidget Spinner. These Fidget Spinners have three Popit bubbles on them so you can spin and pop!

Featured childrens favourite number Number 3

The Avengers light up watch Make your little one's day with this awesome Marvel The Avengers watch featuring a cool, light-up case and dial. Comes in a gift box. Ages 5 plus

Any of the above three will also make fantastic birthday presents. Check out our full range of toys, birthday presents and cards and games at

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