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Family doing a jigsaw puzzle grandpas toys

Jigsaw puzzles on Sale at Grandpas Toys

Unplugging from devices, social media, television can seem a daunting task!

Even more so if we don’t have something tangible to replace it with. Digital Natives ( a person born or brought up during the age of digital technology and so familiar with computers and the internet from an early age) will not remember a time when they have not been surrounded by technology. 

Fortunately studies have shown that colouring books, traditional board games and jig saw puzzles are experiencing a resurgence due to people wanting to escape the information overload that the digital world offers 24/7.

Jigsaw puzzles relieve stress.

A jigsaw puzzle is the perfect distraction to quiet busy minds. They exercise both the left and right side of a person's brain at the same time according to Sanesco Health ( leaders in Neurotransmitter testing). Your left brain is the logical side and works in a linear fashion while the right side is creative and intuitive.

Family time

Jigsaw puzzles are beneficial for all ages and that's why they are perfect for family interaction as everyone can contribute and engage. It’s a mental workout that reinforces connections between brain cells, improves mental speed and is an especially effective way to improve short-term memory. Leaving the puzzle out on a table where anyone can jump in and find a few pieces is the perfect way to get children away from devices without them knowing it!

Jigsaws for Meditation.

Crazy, but it is true! Just like the traditional form of meditation, you are focusing your mind - in the jigsaws case - you are focusing your mind on an image for a long period of time and this is blocking out other thoughts. Let the stress of everyday life evaporate and replace that with peace and calmness - who knew!

New improved Jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles have evolved from the traditional Jigsaw puzzle layout - although they are still very popular;

Otter house traditional jigsaw puzzles

At Grandpas Toys we stock a variety of brands to suit all tastes, for instance these gorgeous puzzles from Otter House They have a variety of themes and are safe for the environment.

Wooden Jigsaw puzzle from U Gears

The very essence of Steampunk Clock from Ugears is here to remind you of the true spirit of this unique style combining art, science, and amazing mechanics. It uses much more deliberate puzzle pieces and this gives the puzzle a real challenge which makes you think, but it is also a lot of fun as a result of this.

Mystery Puzzles from University Games

Assemble the 1000 piece puzzle and weave your way through a tangled web of cryptic clues to catch a psychopathic killer. A wonderful Classic Mysteries with a Challenging Twist.

Now is the perfect time to stock up on puzzles at Grandpas Toys! Grab  a bargain today with 20% off all our puzzles - valid until Sunday 31st July (midnight).

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