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Back to School 2021

Back to School 2021

As we enjoy our Summer holidays (without the sun in some places) it’s a great idea to put some plans in place for getting your children “School Ready” and you can help your child and yourself by engaging a few simple steps.

  • Start early and make a list of all the items required by your school and purchase them early on.
  • Set some time aside to cover the books, as we all know how fun this can be!
  • Begin talking about school towards the end of the holidays, ie friends at school and fun school activities to look forward to.

It can be daunting moving up a year or even to another school, but a little bit forward planning can make this transition easier. Perhaps your children could choose a new school bag or lunch box to set them off in a positive frame of mind. Check out our fantastic range of fun school accessories on

Bring on school days 2021!

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