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Tiger Tribe Fashion Designer Handbag


Add some retro inspiration to your crafting with our Fashion Designer - Handbag.

The perfect 'summer break' craft activity, kids can create their own groovy customised handbag - the perfect holiday out?t accessory for special days out. Simply select your pre-cut patch, colour it in your way using the special fabric markers contained in the kit, position the patch on the handbag and then get an adult to iron the patch per instructions contained in the pack.

With 18 rad patches to colour and iron, your customised denim handbag will be the coolest accessory in your wardrobe.

Each kit contains everything you need, packaged up in a self-contained box. Perfect for keeping little hands busy when travelling, each compact set is the ideal size to throw in your bag before you head out the door.


  • 1 x lined denim handbag with strap (bag 21.5 x 17.5cm)
  • 18 pre-cut iron-on fabric patches with flocked edging
  • 5 coloured fabric markers
  • pictorial instructions

Suitable for

Ages 6+