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Sylvanian Families Fashion Play Set Shoe Shop Collection


Melanie Caramel is the older sister from the Caramel dog family – making her Carlie & Justin’s big sister.

Melanie studied art & design at college and now works as a buyer at the Grand Department Store. After finishing her degree, Melanie started working in shoe design, specialising in particular in the patterns and materials necessary to create a comfy and long-lasting piece of footwear.

Now working in retail, Melanie’s attention has turned towards finding the most perfect shoes for all occasions, keeping the shoe department stocked with beautiful sandals, pumps, and heels so you can find that special something to finish off any outfit. Of course, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t still marvel at the quality engineering of a fine piece of footwear, regardless of how pretty it is!

The set includes Melanie, a display stand for her collection of shoes, and an array of garments and accessories giving you countless outfit combinations to try out!

Suitable for

Ages 3+