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Shipping online orders nationwide daily

Pass the Pen

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Can you draw a penguin in 15 seconds? What about if the tip of the pen is retracting whilst you draw until it eventually disappears altogether? Time’s up! You have to ‘Pass the Pen’ to the next player who will attempt to finish your picture

Super simple to learn – open the box and start to play. Pick the top card (without showing it to anyone) and then roll the dice to determine what your challenge will be. Press the pen timer and start to draw! The rest of the players have to try and guess what your picture is. If someone guesses correctly you both get points, but if your nib disappears before anyone has guessed correctly then you have to ‘Pass the Pen’ and sit the rest of the round out (but don’t worry – with turns only lasting 15 seconds you won’t be out of play for long!). 

Absolutely NO drawing ability whatsoever is required in this hilarious game. Parents will also be interested to know that Pass the Pen is a great way to help children with quick decision making, planning, and communication. Who knew learning could be so much fun?


For 3 or more players


  • 1 Pen Timer
  • 1 Die
  • 104 Cards with 520 Challenges
  • 1 Drawing Pad
  • Complete Instructions

Suitable for

Ages 8+