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Our Generation Doll Mienna


Get ready to direct your favorite movie with the Our Generation Deluxe doll Mienna!

This 18-inch cinema doll has ocean blue eyes and long, curly red hair that matches her fiery personality! This talented filmmaker is ready for movie-making excitement, with her speakerphone, screenplay, film reel, and clapperboard on hand, she knows how to help turn your wonderful imagination into real and exciting fun!

Her outfit features a director's beret, a textured jacket, a graphic top, black skirt-leggings, and comfortable slip-on shoes. Mienna is even posable! Meaning you can bend her elbows and knees to mimic the real-life actions of a movie director. Just bring the speakerphone up to her mouth and yell "ACTION!"

Learn about using your creativity and chasing your dreams as you follow Mienna's adventure in "The Jelly Bean Cinema" storybook. This easy-to-read chapter book is perfect for young readers and makes a great bedtime story.

Suitable for

Ages 3+