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Dickie Toys Happy Farm House


There’s never any shortage of fun with this farmhouse toy: The Dickie Toys Happy Farm House introduces even the youngest of kids to the world of agriculture in a child-friendly way.


  • fold-out house with a stable
  • tractor garage
  • hayloft with ramp
  • tractor
  • hay bale
  • animal inhabitants

Animal and vehicle sounds, or music, complement the game for all your senses. All of the components are colourfully designed and, with their round edges and careful manufacturing, perfectly meet the needs of children one year and over.

Exciting details, such as the moving picture scroll on the roof with a time-of-day display, invite exploration, and awaken curiosity in many aspects of life.

The required batteries are already included — the path to the dream job of being a farmer is now open.

Suitable for

Ages 12M+