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Shipping online orders nationwide daily
Shipping online orders nationwide daily

Crayola Airbrush Marker Set

by Crayola

The Crayola Marker Airbrush Set gives kids a whole new way to use markers: by spraying them! The new and improved spray nozzle delivers ink through pressure, giving young artists a fun way to express their creativity. Kids can move the nozzle closer to the paper for a darker, more defined line or pull it back to create a fuzzier look.

Four included stencil sheets give kids a great way to create more polished designs and get inspired about their creations. The stencils include everything from a water template with jellyfish, sharks, and crabs to a space theme with rockets, planets, and stars. Each stencil also has a patterned edge, so kids can add fancy borders to their designs.


  • 1 x Marker Airbush Unit
  • 5 x Washable Mini Broadline Markers
  • 3 x Stencil Sheets
  • 10 x Blank Paper Sheets
  • Instructions

Suitable for

Ages 8+