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Shipping online orders nationwide daily
Shipping online orders nationwide daily

Airfix McDonnell Douglas F-15A Eagle

by Airfix

One of the truly great combat aircraft of the post-war era, the McDonnell Douglas F-15A was a single-seat, all weather air superiority fighter, which at the time, was one of the most expensive military programmes in history. Designed around the fighter pilot with the intention of producing an aircraft that would allow him to dominate the battlefield, the F-15 was known as the Ultimate MiG slayer, as it provided the USAF with a fighter which was without equal in the skies of the world and became the aircraft against which all future fighter designs would be judged. Despite being in service for more than forty years, the F-15 is still a formidable combat aircraft and is even being considered for a further upgrade to keep it in front-line service for many years to come.

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Length 270mm Wingspan 181mm


  • 125 pieces

Suitable for

Ages 8+